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Proláctea, dairy products for sustainable and healthy nutrition

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Proláctea was born over 40 years ago (1982) in Spain with the aim of treating dairy by-products as productive and sustainable products. Historically, whey produced in cheese making was considered waste and its disposal was a problem.

Currently, Proláctea processes 100% of the whey generated in cheese making from the dairy group Entrepinares, to which it belongs. It has two production plants in Castrogonzalo (Zamora) and Vilalba (Lugo), where it transforms over 30,000 tons of whey annually.

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Customized solutions

In our constant quest to offer the best solutions to our customers, we adapt to the needs of the market, creating ad hoc products.

We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and invite you to actively participate with our Innovation and Development team in recipe design.



Custom blends developed ad hoc according to each client's needs
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We control our environmental impact

At Proláctea, we have established a process-based approach that allows us to monitor and accurately measure the associated environmental aspects and establish appropriate indicators in each case.

Within this approach, we have integrated the life cycle perspective of our products and processes, which broadens our vision of our environmental performance.

The organization’s environmental performance is available to any interested party at our facilities. They can also request it through the contact form on this website.

In addition, we track and measure consumption and carry out control of production and waste management.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, at Proláctea we comply with all applicable environmental requirements and evaluate our significant environmental aspects in terms of waste, consumption, and noise.


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Ctra. Palencia, KM 1, 49660, Castrogonzalo, Zamora (ESPAÑA)

Parque empresarial de Vilalba – 2a fase, parcela 56, 27800 Vilalba, Lugo (ESPAÑA)

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