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productos food prolactea

Powdered whey


Highly moisturizing powdered serum that dissolves quickly and provides sweeter flavor than any standard powdered serum. Most powdered serums, due to the characteristics of lactose, create higher surface tension, preventing quick dissolution and resulting in low sweetness or even a salty taste.

Easylac HF

Powdered cow serum with high flowability and good dissolution. This gives it a higher flow rate over surfaces and faster hydration compared to other standard powdered serums. Flowability is one of the most important properties of powdered products when it comes to processes such as mixing, transfer, storage, feeding, compaction, fluidization, and powder handling in the industrial process. Improved control during manufacturing optimizes product quality.

Easylac HH_PLUS

Thermally stable powder serum for HTST pasteurization and with high fluidity. Ideal for products that undergo thermal treatments such as yogurts, fermented dairy drinks, desserts, cakes, etc.

productos food sueros



productos food mezclas prolactea



Powdered milk drink that provides 13 vitamins, 5 minerals, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no artificial colors, with gluten-free oat flour, vanilla flavored rice flour (with vanilla extract), strawberry flavored (with freeze-dried strawberry), and chocolate flavored (with defatted cocoa). Ideal for meeting the nutritional needs of children and adults.

Fat Filled

Innodairy is a powdered dairy blend that economically and functionally replaces whole milk powder, providing the same protein quality as any whole milk powder.

Cooking applications

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